User controlled web software for home builders



HomePoint provides you with a set of parameters for the design of your WEBSYSTEM. If you have an existing design or would like for a third party to design a web portal interface we are able to work with them in making sure all of the key components controlled through Homepoint Webware are integrated into the design. Once the design is complete most page components will be editable in real time by any person proficient in Microsoft Office Applications. It’s that easy.
HomePoint is a custom software development firm located in Vaughan that provides unique technology solutions driven by a customer-centric and collaborative process approach. HomePoint develops business software from an evolving knowledge base that employs the HomePoint Teams technical services to fulfill your business vision.
Specialties: Custom Webware Development, Content Management Systems, Business Intelligence Solutions

Custom Webware

HomePoint custom webware design teams help you to create competitive long-term advantages using customized solutions that save you time, resources and money. The bottom line in our minds is your bottom-line.  Our custom webware development teams use our customer-centric, collaborative approach to deliver the best solution for your unique applications. An easy to use webware solution, your productivity and the company’s profitability gets a boost.

Together we find this optimal custom webware solution by:

Identifying your current marketing workflow strengths and weaknesses
Reducing or eliminating inefficient manual processes
Reviewing the load on your team
Advising you of ways to implement protocols for data collected and provided.
Automating and consolidating workflows
Encouraging upfront assessment and communication

HomePoint custom webware development projects typically follow these stages:

Market research (if no data exists)
Information gathering and requirements
Analyzing the current situation
Planning the design of the interface
Creating the webware from the HomePoint platform (programming)
System testing
Bug checks, and regular, ongoing maintenance

These stages of custom webware development are referred to as the webware development lifecycle.

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